Peeblespair Photography | Africa Assemblies/Conv

Circuit Assembly Dar es Salaam 1963Assembly Dar Food prep areaAssembly Dar Bro Nesbit (sp?) is speakingAssembly Dar with facility mangers(Bro from Kenya branch) and Sis Helen Schiller standing in backAssembly DarAssembly DarAssembly Dar, Bro Frank Schiller speakingDistrict Convention Niarobi 1962 or 63 Bro Frank Schiller in frontMe on left with Mother and Sisters at the District Conv NiaboriWith Bro & Sis Derek & Jane Westcott, need greatersBro Roston & Sis Joan McPhee with babyBro Roston McPhee, my mother Sis Burke sitting in center  and Bro and Sis Gasic (SP?) sitting on edgBethel Family in Salisbury Southern Rhodesia 1964